Mitel is Powering Connections

At Mitel, we are powering connections. We do it because the world is clamoring to be more connected. Marching to more mobility. We do it because the world wants to be more seamless and more secure, more collaborative, more in the cloud. And we will power it, because every business's future depends on the power of connections. Every business's success is driven by it. We are powering connections for the networks of today and tomorrow, for the far-flung employees of companies worldwide, for the billions of devices that are always on and that need to always be connected. We are powering connections to modernize every organization we touch to unleash the power of simple, seamless collaboration, to enable every customer to own their destiny and secure their future. We have one vision, one mission. We are one company. We are Mitel, and we are powering connections.


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